So you may think hat you would have earned admin rights by now, but you haven't. And the admins have told you that you still had a long way to go. Well here, we will discuss how to earn the rights you think you rightly deserve.

Step One: Make Good Articles

Of course, it's not all in the articles, have to be helpful, which we will discuss in the next paragraph. But for now lets focus on your articles. Are your articles organized? Do they look appealing? Does your character have a famous quote? Does your character have superpowers? Does your page have an infobox? These are questions that you may want to ponder. Below are three suggestions:

  • Think about the questions stated above
  • Add at least one or two adventures your character has went on
  • Does your character have a backstory, add it!

Step Two: Be Helpful

If you want to be an admin, respect and helpfulness is a MUST. Being helpful may include improving pages, adding categories to pages with none, adding links and infoboxes to pages without them, and helping out new users with questions. Most new users think that they can figure out things on their own. Some don't even accept help, but to have a user that's willing to help users and people with questions is a big help to the wiki and GREATLY increases your chances of earning admin rights.

Step Three: Be Patient

To earn admin rights, you have to be patient. You don't get to be special one day and earn the admin rights the very next. Being respectful and helpful has to be an ongoing process. Most users that are patient enough to wait for them end up earning their rights earlier than they expect. Asking for admin rights can and will lower your chances of getting them in the future, so with patience, respect and helpfulness, and good articles, you can get the admin rights you think you deserve!