Mana the Hedeghog is a Chaos Dark Hedgehog that is part of the Dark Force.


Mana the Hedgehog was born in the Chaos Dimension as a Chaos Dark hedgehog. She is older than her sister Amanda the Hedgehog, by three months. Mana first dicovered her dark powers when she entered a room in her home and suddenly the lights dimmed, then flickered off. This began to happen every time she entered every room. Soon, after she turned seven, her umbrakinetic pwers spiraled out of control, and she and Amanda had to be confined to a dark room. After two years of living in the same room, she and Amanda escaped through the window and ventured out into the wild, where they met Alana the Hedgehog to help them survive.

Invasion of Light

While Mana happened to be walking out to get a nice view of the lake, she spotted an extremely bright light in the distance. She knew that the district that lived in was usually dark and had never seen a light so bright. She changed her course and began to follow the light instead of going to the lake. When she had finally reached the light, all she can see was light. Everything was white, even the Black Station, which was at the time the darkest area there. Amanda back at home soon went after Mana, noticing that she had been gone for quite a long time. When she went out, she noticed the bright light and followed it, expecting to find her sister. All the while Mana was making a black shield around herself to see in the intense light. When Amanda reached the inside of the bright light, she could see the black shield and rushed towards it. Once she was inside the black shield, she attempted to spread the darkness around the white light, but the light cut out the shield to its small state.