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This wiki is about all the Sonic characters you can think of. This wiki was made to embrace the true passion of people who want to make Sonic Fandom characters, but just can't find the right place to put them. We accept all kinds of Sonic Characters! Make a page about yourself and your characters. Help this wiki grow!

About This Wiki

This wiki is Sonic fandom only, but it is okay to occasionally add some pages about real Sonic characters only if they are aiding you in progress with you character. Every month we will have a vote to see who's page will be the next featured article. Please avoid voting more than once. The rules are below


  • Please do not ask for admin rights. You have to earn them and asking will probably limit your chances of getting them anyway
  • Please avoid using foul language. If any user is seen using foul language in the chat, they will be kicked, if they are seen using foul language again, they will be banned until the set time. If they are caught again, they will be banned permanently
  • Please do not talk about other users unless it is positive
  • Do not make blogs about other users
  • DO NOT make pages that are not related to the topic. Pages about Mario characters and other non-Sonic characters WILL be deleted
  • HAVE FUN!!!

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